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Real Name  Terri
Age 51-65 
Sex  Female 
From Bonney Lake, United States
About Me  Not sure about this path to find whatever we are all looking for. The pictures say a lot about me. I'm a happy, fun, energetic, life-loving, kid-loving, nature-loving, animal-loving, music-loving, water-loving, take me to the toolies girl from WA state. I am a professional in a career I love. Would enjoy spending time with a guy who's established, not boring. Someone who still knows the meaning of fun with no holds barred. Not a big sports watcher but LOVE ME SOME FOOTBALL...Love some new adventures. So many things I have yet to do. I have a lot of life in me and a lot in my life and I prefer it that way. Family is center in my life and that will never change. My boys are the most amazing two men on the planet! Rock stars, hard-working, upstanding, true, blue, genuine men...the one thing I KNOW I did right in my life. Seems like we might enjoy a conversation? Let's talk... However, if are looking for a bootie call or a mommy (whats with all the 22 year olds up my ...) I'm not your girl! 
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